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Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory


by Jon Bon Jovi

Video & Audio


In this interview, Jon Bon Jovi tells the story of how he got involved with writing a soundtrack for Young Guns II, and describes his cameo role as a gunshot victim in the film itself. "Dying isn't so bad," he says.

More Interview

Bon Jovi talks about Young Guns, writing the Blaze of Glory album, and filming the song's iconic music video.

Still More Interview

Bon Jovi discusses his collaborations with guest artists like Jeff Beck and Elton John on the Blaze of Glory album.

Music Video

The official video for "Blaze of Glory" is a rather spectacular set piece, filmed on location high atop a mesa in the middle of nowhere. Bon Jovi and his crew actually camped there for several days between shoots; all equipment and personnel had to be brought in by helicopter.

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