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1. Who said, ""You are clever enough to be the good little woman of our lives here"? -> John Jarndyce
2. Who said, "Do you know, Rosa, that I am different to you from what I am to any one?"? -> Richard Carstone
3. Who said, "When you know you have done a right thing, you put it away, and it's done with and gone, and there's an end of it"? -> Mr. Tulkinghorn
4. Who said, "One of my earliest remembrances, guardian, is of these words: 'Your mother, Esther, is your disgrace, and you were hers'"? -> Esther Summerson
5. Who said, "Wherever my son goes, he can claim kindred with Ap-Kerrig. He may not have money, but he always has what is much better--family, my dear"? -> John Jarndyce
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