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The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye


by Toni Morrison

Claudia MacTeer Timeline and Summary

  • Claudia goes to the railroad tracks with her family to pick coal for Zick's Coal Company.
  • Claudia remembers getting sick once after picking coal. She recalls her mother taking care of her, and Frieda singing to her. Although her mother yelled at her for vomiting on the floor, Claudia remembers being surrounded by love.
  • While talking to Pecola and Frieda, Claudia thinks about her hatred of Shirley Temple.
  • Claudia recalls getting a white doll for Christmas one year, hating it, and dismembering it in outrage.
  • Claudia and Maureen Peal are assigned lockers next to each other. One day, Maureen offers to walk home with Claudia and Frieda.
  • When a group of boys teases Pecola, Claudia yells at one of them named Bay Boy.
  • When Maureen begins to tease Pecola, too, Claudia tries to defend Pecola by punching Maureen in the face. She misses, punching Pecola instead.
  • When Frieda gets groped by Mr. Henry, Claudia is jealous.
  • In the summer, Frieda and Claudia sell marigold seeds to save up for a new bike.
  • Through gossip, the sisters learn that Pecola is pregnant with her father's child.
  • Claudia feels sympathy toward Pecola; she is sad that no one else in Lorain seems to care.
  • After Pecola's baby dies, Claudia and Frieda ignore her when they see her, not out of fear or repulsion, but out of guilt that they failed her.
  • Claudia says that some people loved Pecola, including herself, the Maginot Line, and Cholly.