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Iconic Queen

This photo, modeled after an old black and white portrait of Marlene Dietrich, was the cover photo for the 1974 album Queen II and has since become a recognizable symbol of the band.

1970s Queen portrait

Though Mercury was the flamboyant frontman, all the members of Queen sported over-the-top glam rock looks in the 1970s.

1980s Queen live

This live photo of Queen performing "Under Pressure" captures the sheer energy the band kept up throughout their days as global stars.

Mercury and May, ca. 1970s

Freddie Mercury and Brian May's drastically different personalities contrasted well in their wild stage antics.

Queen logo

Queen developed its own logo early on using astrological symbols and camped-up elements of British nationalism. The logo resembles the British royalty's coat of arms.

A Night At The Opera cover art

The cover to the 1975 album is a re-make of Queen's logo in psychedelic watercolors. Note the lions, fairies, and swan, each a symbol of members of the band. Can you guess who's who? Hint: Freddie, who is a Virgo, is represented by two of the creatures.

Queen, 1973

Before they were even world-famous, Queen was not afraid to dress up like both John Lennon and Yoko Ono for one photo shoot.

Iconic Mercury

The black-and-white silhouette and the sweet long-haired Freddie are both iconic.

Freddie Mercury is the Queen

Among Mercury's many costumes was a classic get-up as the Queen of England herself.

Young Freddie Mercury

Freddie was born Farrokh Bulsara in the African state of Zanzibar, child to a civil servant from India.

Freddie Mercury statue

Several life-sized Freddie Mercury tributes have been erected around the world.

Freddie Mercury shirtless pose

Mercury was renowned for his exaggerated posing onstage, a performance style that worked especially well in front of stadium audiences on whom subtle moves were certainly lost.

Freddie Mercury illustration

There are many comics and caricatures of Queen out there—this one, by an artist just called Elena, was of the best we came across, capturing not just Mercury's look, but his sweeping charisma.

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