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Types of Bonds and Orbitals
Types of Bonds and Orbitals
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Types of Bonds and Orbitals Resources

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Last Friday Lab

Here's a parody made by high-school students.

A History of Chemistry

This video is exactly what you would expect it to be—a simple and clean history of all things chemistry. If you like Wallace & Gromit, you'll dig this.

The LEGOs of Chemistry

Here's a video all about the five fathers of atomic theory. Oh, and LEGOs.

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

What's oil got to do with it? Check out this video about the classic chemistry experiment.

Atom Rap

Everyone needs to wake up to an atom rap. Don't miss the beat boxing.

The Chemical Bonds Song

Here's another fun and informative song, alá ABBA. Be careful, you might find yourself humming along.

Scientists Discover Planet Made of Diamond

A planet made of diamonds? We want to go to there.


The Periodic Table

This one is complete with pictures. Enjoy.

The Chemical Bond Between Cloves and Nutmeg

Chemistry is all around us…even in cloves and nutmeg.

Famous Diamonds

Gems can be famous, too.

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