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Book of Joshua

Book of Joshua

Book of Joshua Resources


Jericho: The Book of Joshua

This website discusses history and archaeology in Joshua and raises questions about both.

Joshua and The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament uses Legos to humorously explain the Bible. Fair warning: not everything is appropriate.

Conquest Maps in Joshua

Maps. Use them well.

Movie or TV Productions

"Joshua and the Battle of Jericho"

This episode from the cartoon series The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible tells of the Israelite victory at Jericho.

Time Traveling to Jericho

In the 1960s television series The Time Tunnel, two scientists travel back to ancient Jericho as spies for Joshua in an episode entitled "The Walls of Jericho."

Joshua (2002)

A man named Joshua winds up in a small town. Some think he's Jesus. Is he? Watch and find out.

Historical Documents

An Egyptian Account of the Battle of Megiddo (1482 BCE)

To learn more about one of the first battles fought in Canaan (the Promised Land), check out the Battle of Megiddo from around 1482 BCE. The last battle in history may be fought at Megiddo because Megiddo is also known as Armageddon. In the Book of Revelation, Armageddon will be the war to end all wars.

Egyptian Accounts of the Battle of Kadesh (1274 BCE)

The Egyptians and the Hittites fought the Battle of Kadesh around 1274 BCE. The Hittites sound like heavy hitters, but no one's actually sure who won this battle.

From Megiddo (605) to Karkamesh (609 BCE)

In 609 BCE Pharaoh Necho defeated the Israelite king Josiah at Megiddo. In 605 the Babylonians defeated the Egyptians at Karkamesh.


What Happened at Jericho?

The History Channel's Battles BC has a different take on what happened at Jericho. They believe that the red cord at Rahab's house is the key to the battle.

Joshua and the Canaanites

The PBS program Nova examines Joshua's conquest of the land in "The Bible's Buried Secrets."

Israelite Origins

The PBS program Nova looks for the origin of the Israelites in "The Bible's Buried Secrets."

Israelite Geography

The book of Joshua seems like a huge geography lesson. This video will help.

Joshua & Lord of the Rings?

This amateur video links the book of Joshua to the movie Lord of the Rings.

Lego Star Wars: The Battle of Jericho

Star Wars? Legos? Joshua? We're there.

Israel's Marching Band at Jericho

A quick animation on what happened at the walls of Jericho.


All Audio Bible: Joshua

If you want to listen to the Book of Joshua, check out this audio Bible.

A Rabbi Discusses the Book of Joshua

Hear a rabbi's thoughts on the book of Joshua.

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