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Book of Numbers

Book of Numbers

Book of Numbers Resources


The Brick Testament

Wandering through the wilderness for forty years can be fun… when you're watching little Lego men do it!

Movie or TV Productions


This 1995 TV movie tells the full story of Moses (played by Ben Kingsley), but the last part covers the events of Numbers… the wandering. Oh, the wandering.

The Ten Commandments

The very end of this 1956 film featuring Charlton Heston as Moses deals with the Israelites wandering in the desert and the death of Moses. We believe his last words are, "You can pry this Promised Land from my cold, dead hands…"


The second episode of the Bible series on the History Channel focuses on the events of Exodus through Joshua (that means Numbers is tucked in there, too!).

Historical Documents

The Book Of Numbers

The New Revised Standard translation of this epic road trip. Read, interpret, and enjoy.

The Deir 'Alla Inscription

This story, discovered in Jordan in 1967, talks about Bala'am, son of Be'or, who just might be the same guy that's mentioned in Numbers 22-24. This time, he's linked with a bunch of random gods and Yahweh is nowhere to be found.


Under The Prayer Shawl: Secrets Of The Priestly Blessing

A super short documentary on blessings—and the priestly blessing in Judaism in particular. You even get a peek of a kohen saying the blessing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Oh, goody!

Moses Und Aron

This video is a full version of this opera based (in part) on the relationship between Moses and his brother Aaron. Sure, it's almost two hours long and it's all in German, but it looks really amazing. This synopsis (in English) will give you a better idea of what's going on.


"The Lord Bless You And Keep You" By John Rutter

This song, based on Numbers 6:24-26, is sung by the angelic voices of the Westminster Abbey Choir. How heavenly.

The Book Of Numbers: Complete Audio

Not such a big fan of reading? For shame! But the good news is you can have Numbers read to you. Listen to the book in full here.


A View Of The Tabernacle

Just what did that whole "tent of meeting" thing look like? Well, here's a handy dandy chart to show you.

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Canaan?

A map of the twisty-turny road to the Promised Land.

The Beginning Of Morse Code

In 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first ever message via telegraph—"What hath God wrought"—a quote from Numbers 23:23. What indeed.

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