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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 13 Summary

A Girl Made Of Darkness

  • Liesel first steals a book on January 13, 1939. The second one is taken on April 20, 1940, four hundred and sixty three days later.
  • This second act of book thievery is important to the story.
  • It opens up a world of book stealing opportunities and helps Hans figure out "a plan to help the Jewish fist fighter."
  • Death thinks that Nazi Germany would not have been able to do what it did, if the German people did not love burning things, including "Shops, synagogues, […] personal items, slain people, and of course, books" (13.8).
  • Liesel steals The Shoulder Shrug, her second stolen book, from a book burning.
  • Liesel is driven to steal the book by "anger and dark hatred" (13.8).
  • The book burning happens on April 20, which is Hitler's birthday.
  • When she rescues the burning book, "Liesel [is] a girl made of darkness" (13.8).
  • For us to understand what Liesel is so mad about, Death will have to take us back a few months.

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