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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 34 Summary

The Sleeper

  • Over the next three days, Max stays asleep.
  • Liesel watches him often. By day three of the sleep, she can think of nothing else.
  • She's torn between wanting to be there when he wakes up and not wanting to be there.
  • The only thing that tears her away is Rosa.
  • Max says names in his sleep, "Isaac. Aunt Ruth. Sarah. Mama. Walter. Hitler" (34.6).
  • Sometimes he thrashes, and at one point he says the word "Nein" or "No" (34.8) nine times.
  • Now, he's waking.
  • He sees Liesel's face, upside down, because she's standing over him.
  • He's confused and unsure of where he is.
  • Liesel moves back on instinct.
  • But Max takes hold of her arm with his warm hand, and says, "Please" (34.17).
  • Liesel calls for Hans.
  • Max repeats his plea.
  • Hans enters to find them this way. He says, "I see you two have met" (34.22).
  • The heat begins to leave Max's hands.

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