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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 47 Summary

Thirteen Presents

  • For Liesel, it's like waiting for Max to wake up when he first arrived, all over again.
  • She knows he's alive, because his beard is growing.
  • Later, Death will remember visiting Max that night.
  • Death almost takes him, but Max fights off Death.
  • After five days of this, Max wakes up again, just long enough to eat.
  • In another week, he wakes up again. Even though Liesel begs, he drifts back to sleep.
  • After this, Liesel reads The Whistler to Max.
  • Sadly, she has to skip some of the chapter; the pages got stuck together when the book dried.
  • Every day she rushed home after school to check on him.
  • One day, Rosa makes her go back out and play.
  • Rudy's really happy to have her back.
  • Their soccer ball gets squished by a car, and Liesel takes it as a present for Max.
  • Liesel goes home and presents it to the sleeping Max.
  • She wants to scream and put her hand on him to wake him.
  • But she doesn't do these things.
  • Liesel finds thirteen gifts for Max.
  • She hopes they will wake him.
  • After the soccer ball, Liesel brings Max a feather, newspapers, a candy wrapper, a description of a cloud, toy soldier, and a leaf.
  • The second to the last gift is reading to the end of The Whistler.
  • It ends with the whistler (the killer trying to escape from the police) on a train, thinking about the body of the dead detective he'd left behind in Vienna.
  • Liesel's last gift is her tears. She cries on Max's face.
  • Rosa understands and comforts her.

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