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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 59 Summary


  • It's now 11 pm, and "Max Vandenburg walk[s] up Himmel Street with a suitcase full of food and warm clothes" (59.1).
  • Before leaving, he tells Liesel there is a present waiting for her, "but [she] will not get it until [she's] ready" (59.3).
  • And then he's gone.
  • Liesel joins Hans and Rosa in the kitchen.
  • We are given the seventh word from Liesel's dictionary. (This time, we'll quote the definition and the related words, since it's important to the chapter).
    "Schweigen – Silence: The absence of sound or noise. Related words: quiet, calmness, peace." (59.11)
  • Meanwhile a Jewish man is on foot, in the dark, near Munich.
  • He is supposed to meet Hans by the Amper River four days from now—if he isn't captured first.
  • He does get to the river, but is gone in a flash.
  • Hans will find a note with no names on it. It says, "You've done enough" (59.17).
  • Now, Himmel Street is "a place of silence," but a silence nothing like the "related words" in Liesel's dictionary (59.18).

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