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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 62 Summary

The Thought Of Rudy Naked

  • (Now we flash back to the incident that leads the Gestapo to Rudy.)
  • Rudy, Jürgen Schwarz, and Olaf Spiegel are in the doctor's office.
  • They are ordered to take off their clothes—"They [cup] their genital in their hands and [shiver] like the future" (62.18).
  • When it comes time to hold out their arms, they have to move their hands.
  • While they are examined, the nurse tells their teacher, "We are gradually succeeding […] in creating a new future. It will be a new class of physically and mentally advanced Germans. An officer class" (62.24).
  • (In other words, they are trying to find the best and the brightest—future Nazi leaders and commanders.)
  • After Rudy's exam, "he manage[s] to perform his first nude Heil Hitler" (62.28).
  • They hear the doctor and the nurse talking—they want the first boy and the third boy.
  • Jürgen is definitely the first, but they aren't sure if the third boy is Rudy, or Olaf. Olaf was third in line, but Rudy was third to be examined.
  • It doesn't matter. The Gestapo will know.
  • Rudy finally tells Liesel everything, the day after the Gestapo come to his house.
  • When she lies in bed at night, she can't stop thinking of the moment in the story where Rudy has to move his hand and stand completely naked.
  • She's not sure why.

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