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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Chapter 68 Summary

The Anarchist's Suit Collection

  • (Since the word "anarchist" doesn't actually come up the story, click here for a definition of anarchy. It might help makes sense of the chapter title.)
  • Since Alex and Hans are both still away, the Steiner's invite Rosa, Trudy (Rosa's daughter), and Liesel to their house on Christmas Eve.
  • When they get there, they find Rudy "in the process of explaining his clothing" (68.1).
  • Throughout December, 1942, Liesel's been reading The Word Shaker.
  • She's also decided on Rudy's Christmas present.
  • She goes to his house to give it to him.
  • Since she doesn't have anything with her, and no money, Rudy sees that she has the need to thieve. Luckily, he has it, too.
  • She convinces Rudy to get the keys to his dad's tailor shop.
  • It seems like the mannequins are watching what's happening.
  • Rudy doesn't think his dad will mind this little break-in, things being as they are.
  • They goof around in the darkness and Liesel trips over a mannequin.
  • Rudy hopes she isn't giving him a mannequin for Christmas.
  • Nope. She isn't. She picks out a suit for him.
  • He tries it on and asks how it looks.
  • She says it would be better if he had better shoes and a better face.
  • He looks mad and comes after her, but trips on a mannequin and falls laughing to the floor.
  • Then he shuts his eyes.
  • Liesel is worried and leans over him.
  • Death wants her to kiss Rudy!
  • She doesn't.
  • Rudy says he misses his dad.
  • Liesel helps him up and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

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