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The Book Thief

The Book Thief

by Markus Zusak

Courage Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

Look proud, he advised himself. You cannot look afraid. Read the book. Smile at it. It's a great book – the greatest book you've ever read. Come on, Max, you're only a few hours away. (26.6)

Max is making an ultimate voyage of courage. Imagine how he must feel, being in public after two years of hiding. Ironically, Hitler's book is the only thing between him and a complete freak-out. Courage usually includes some amount a fear.

Quote #5

Walter opened Mein Kampf and slid [the ticket] inside, next to the map he'd bought with the book itself. (26.11)

Walter is another courageous character, even though we don't get to know him. His courage in helping Max truly does save Max's life. It also takes courage for Max to go with him, leaving his family behind.

Quote #6

Max Vandenburg […] closed his eyes and drooped a little further into safety. The very idea of it was ludicrous, but he accepted it nonetheless. (30.5)

At this moment, Max is finally able to let go of his courage and do something kind of like relaxing.

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