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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

Rudy Steiner Timeline and Summary

  • Rudy meets Liesel and immediately befriends her.
  • He also immediately proclaims his romantic love for her.
  • They become friends and join an apple stealing gang together.
  • When a bully tosses Liesel's book in the Amper River, Rudy saves it for her and asks her for a kiss for the last time.
  • Rudy begins having problems with the sadistic leader of his Hitler Youth troupe.
  • After said leader breaks his ribs, he is able to move to another troupe.
  • He wins races in the Hitler Youth carnival and draws the attention of the authorities.
  • The authorities show up at his house and want him for an elite Nazi school.
  • Rudy learns that his father is going to war, so that Rudy doesn't have to go to the school.
  • Rudy and Liesel put bread on the road for the Jewish prisoners headed to Dachau.
  • Rudy stops Liesel from chasing after Max as he's being marched to Dachau with another group of prisoners.
  • The next day, Liesel finally tells him about Max and shows him his own picture in Max's book.
  • Rudy dies when Himmel Street is bombed.