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Quote #10

They should have come by now and swept through the house, looking for any evidence of Jew loving or treason, but it appeared that Max had left for no reason at all. He could have been asleep in the basement or sketching in his book. (60.21)

Hans suffers a great deal for his bread giving moment. And he sends Max away in vain. But really, how could he possibly have known they wouldn't come? In any case, Hans couldn't let Max stay to die like a fish in a barrel. He couldn't take the chance.

Quote #11

On Munich Street, a boy and a girl were entwined. They were twisted and comfortless on the road. Together, they watched the humans disappear. (80.94-96)

Rudy has fought Liesel to keep her from chasing after Max, and has probably saved her life and Max's in the process. The scene is loaded with suffering for all involved.

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