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Born This Way
Born This Way
by Lady Gaga
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Born This Way Books

Emily Herbert: Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame (2010)

One of several unofficial biographies of Lady Gaga. Until an official bio comes out, fans will likely be underwhelmed by Gaga bios.

Andrew Bolton: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (2011)

Get a better sense of where Lady Gaga's wacky fashion sense originates in the high fashion world by reading up on her late friend, collaborator, and inspiration, gay designer Alexander McQueen.

Yvonne Tasker and Diane Negra (eds): Interrogating Post-Feminism: Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture (2007)

A nerdy reader on gender and popular culture that came out just slightly pre-Gaga, but still sets up a clear framework for Gaga's significance.

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