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Born This Way

Born This Way


Lady Gaga


Gaga sports Alexander McQueen

Lady Gaga was a friend and big fan of the late fashion designer, whose designs influence much of her work as an oddball fashion icon.

The Meat Dress

Lady Gaga famously (or infamously) showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 wearing a dress made of meat. Gross stunt, or great statement? Either way, the dress is going to be immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Lady Gaga goes brunette

The many looks of Lady Gaga don't usually include anything this innocent.

Cat woman or Minnie mouse?

Gaga gets too close to cute ears with this hairdo.

Blue Wig

Lady Gaga seems to be taking her time moving through the wig-color spectrum. She's done blue, she's done pink…what's next?


Gaga looks quite Madonna in this one (among others).

Bloody Gaga

One of the things that has evoked excitement and wrath is Lady Gaga's tendency to cover herself in fake blood during her performances.

Helios look

Gaga went all red-lace and sun-god-headgear to strange effect, but as usual, nobody knows what it really means.

Lady Gaga Vogue cover

The pink bob is another innovation that somehow drastically alters her look.

Gaga being born at the Grammys

Lady Gaga really did look quite dashing coming out of that cosmic egg at the 53rd Grammy awards. If only we were all born that way.

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