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Born This Way

Born This Way


by Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga Site

Given all the hype and hullabaloo over just about everything Lady Gaga does these days, the official Lady Gaga website is hardly the most interesting Gaga-related stop to be made on the internet. It is, however, an essential resource for the Gaga fan and a source of something we all love: free stuff.

Jonathan Van Meter: "Lady Gaga: Our Lady Of Pop," Vogue, February 2011

This fun feature on Lady Gaga came out just as "Born This Way" hit the airwaves. Van Meter is a realist about the ins and outs of Lady Gaga—and at the end of the (long, crazy) day, he seems to be converted to total fandom.

James Montgomery: "Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video: A Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet, Part II," MTV.com

Yes, the video was so full of references that it required not just a fan-created cheat sheet, but a later set of additions and corrections.

Gaga Stigmata

This cheeky website claiming to be "the first mover in Gaga studies" collects the work of nerds, academics and performance artists who want to geek out on Gaga.

Billboard: "20 Greatest Gay Moments in Music"

Well, they leave out some of the more underground moments (Riot Grrl, for example), but Billboard claims this best-of list was inspired by none other than Gaga herself. "With her equality anthem 'Born This Way' and…well, nearly everything she says, does and wears, Lady Gaga has proven herself to be this era's gay-friendliest pop star," Billboard writes.

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