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The Borrowers

The Borrowers


by Mary Norton

Arrietty Clock Timeline and Summary

  • Arrietty writes in her diary as she and her mother wait for Pod to return from borrowing. Arrietty knows that Homily is super worried about him.
  • When Pod returns, he and his wife decide they have something important to tell their daughter: that Pod was "seen" by a boy, and that the upstairs world is very dangerous. They tell her the story of her own cousin, Eggletina, who was eaten by a cat. Eesh.
  • Our little rebel with a cause gets angry with her parents for keeping her cooped up until finally Homily convinces Pod to take her borrowing.
  • When Arrietty and Pod see the world upstairs, Arrietty is flabbergasted by all the wondrous things like grass and sunlight.
  • But things take a turn for the terrifying when she comes face-to-face with a giant eyeball. She soon realizes that the Eye belongs to a boy, and the two become friends.
  • Arrietty promises to read to the boy, and the boy promises to bring Arrietty's extended family a letter in the fields.
  • Busted! All is good until Pod goes borrowing again and catches Arrietty and the boy hanging out.
  • Arrietty's parents majorly freak out when they discover that she is hanging out with a human, and that very night their worst fears come true: the roof is lifted off their house by the boy.
  • Instead of it being a disaster, though, a beautiful friendship of borrowing begins as the boy brings them things from the dollhouse.
  • But then disaster strikes. Mrs. Driver discovers the borrowers' home and threatens to call the police, cats, dogs, and rat-catchers.
  • The boy comes to help them escape to the fields, but he's locked in his room by Mrs. Driver.
  • And that's where the story ends.
  • Still, Mrs. May and Kate imagine that the borrowers get out after the boy knocks a hole in the grate, and that they live with their extended family in the fields.