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The Borrowers

The Borrowers


by Mary Norton

The Borrowers Chapter 16 Summary

  • And so begins a beautiful friendship of borrowing—every day the boy brings beautiful furniture from the doll's house to decorate the borrowers' home.
  • Homily could not be happier—that is, unless there were one of those snooty Overmantels to invite over to be jealous of all her great swag.
  • Arrietty has been having a blast, too. The boy teaches her about the outside world, and she finally has a friend to talk to.
  • Even Great-Aunt Sophy seems a little cheerier, because Pod comes to visit her much more often. Pod uses her bedroom as a kind of escape from all the hard work he's doing for their newly renovated crib.
  • Everything is just ducky until the mean and nasty Mrs. Driver, the cook, realizes that things are going missing.
  • Mrs. Driver feels like someone is trying to pull the wool over her eyes—and she doesn't like it.
  • After she's had a sip too many of Sophy's Madeira, she seems convinced that her mistress is taking things away just to irk Mrs. Driver. Yeah, that's definitely what's happening.
  • The mean old cook resolves to catch the thief in the act.

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