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The Borrowers

The Borrowers


by Mary Norton

The Borrowers Chapter 17 Summary

  • Everybody senses Mrs. Driver's growing suspicion and anger, even the boy. Something is definitely going to go down.
  • Dun dun dun.
  • One night, she sneaks out of her bed at midnight to follow a flash of candlelight, and sees the borrowers' home.
  • She screams "a nest! A nest! […] Alive and squeaking!" (17.7), and tells Crampfurl that she saw a whole bunch of "little people like with hands—or mice dressed up…" (17.10).
  • When the freaked-out cook and Crampfurl poke around the Borrowers' home, they discover Great-Aunt Sophy's emerald watch (which the borrower family uses as their clock).
  • They decide this is a case for the police.
  • Ruh-roh.

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