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The Borrowers Chapter 3 Summary Page 1

  • Homily finally lets her daughter in on what is bothering her. It seems that Arrietty broke a teacup days ago, and Homily hinted that Pod should go "borrow" another from upstairs.
  • But now Pod is late and Homily is worried. She's even more upset because they didn't really need the teacup—they could have drunk out of any regular acorn cup, like anybody else. (Of course! We drink out of acorn cups all the time.)
  • Arrietty tries to console her mother, but doesn't seem to do a great job.
  • When Arrietty suggests that she go borrowing herself, Homily totally freaks out. Ain't gonna happen.
  • Arrietty says she never wants her daughter to know what it is like upstairs, because her Uncle Hendreary, Eggletina's father…
  • What? What? Don't stop now, Homily! What happened to Eggletina?
  • But Pod comes in, and Homily puts on a smile. Guess we'll have to wait a while for that little scoop.
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