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The Borrowers

The Borrowers


by Mary Norton

 Table of Contents

The Borrowers Characters

Meet the Cast

Arrietty Clock

Arrietty goes from being a meek and sheltered girl who has never seen the world beyond her own house to a brave youth who stands up to her worst fears. And, oh yeah, her parents, too. Her drive for...

The Boy

Who? You mean one of our main characters doesn't have a name? Yup. All we really know about this kiddo is that he's Mrs. May's brother, who first tells her the story of the borrowers. Oh, and he's...

Pod Clock

Oh Pod. He's really a good guy, but sometimes his parenting leaves a bit to be desired. He loves Arrietty, and he's a good husband to Homily, sure. But he's also more than a little overprotective....

Homily Clock

Okay, okay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best for your family. And while we totally applaud Homily's hard work to ensure a better future for her daughter, we also can't help bu...

Mrs. Driver

Mrs. Driver is a mean, green, fighting machine. She is super nasty to kids and borrowers, and the stunt she pulls at the end of the novel (locking the boy is his room) is, hands down, the worst thi...

Mrs. May

Kate's BFFMrs. May is a nice lady who lives in Kate's parents' house in London. Oh, and she's Kate's best bud. She teaches Kate how to crochet and first tells her the story of the borrowers. Mrs. M...


Meet Kate. She's "a wild, untidy, self-willed little girl who stared with angry eyes and was said to crunch her teeth" (1.1). She lives in London with her parents and is crocheting with Mrs. May wh...


As gardeners grow, this one's of the grumpy variety. Crampfurl is Great-Aunt Sophy's lump of a gardener and Mrs. Driver's closest confidant. We don't really get to see Crampfurl in action—all our...

Minor Characters

Great-Aunt SophyGreat-Aunt Sophy is the (somewhat tipsy) owner of the house where the borrowers take up residence. She employs Mrs. Driver, the cook, and Crampfurl, the gardener, and lets Mrs. May'...
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