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Analysis: Genre

Fantasy, Adventure, Coming-of-Age, Children's Literature


Any novel that involves teensy folks living below the floorboards and stealing stuff from humans has got to be a fantasy. Clearly the laws of physics, evolution, and all that other logical mumbo jumbo has been tossed out the window. Need we say more?


Okay, we will. The Borrowers doesn't stop there. Because what would a good fantasy be without a healthy dose of adventure? Sure, gathering bristles from a doormat or taking a teacup from a doll's house might not seem super exciting to us, but for a little person like a borrower, these are epic undertakings. Following the borrowers as they navigate the dangers of the living room, kitchen, and front door is every bit an adventure as following a pirate to Treasure Island, which makes our novel an adventure tale, too.

Coming of Age

And what's the reward for all that fantasy and adventure? A classic tale of growing up, that's what. As Arrietty leaves the comfort and safety of her wee little home, she experiences some pretty serious business that teaches her who she is, and what she's capable of.

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