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The Borrowers

The Borrowers


by Mary Norton

The Boy Timeline and Summary

  • The boy is staying with Great-Aunt Sophy while he recovers from the rheumatic fever he contracted in India.
  • Our nameless protagonist meets Arrietty and they become friends. She promises to read to him and he promises to deliver a letter to her family because that's what friends are for.
  • Rain or shine, the mail will get delivered on time. The boy risks punishment by Mrs. Driver when he delivers a letter to Arrietty's family in the badger sets in the fields.
  • Busted! Pod catches Arrietty and the boy hanging out.
  • Using a screwdriver, the boy lifts the roof of the borrower family's house to bring them presents from the dollhouse, and so begins a beautiful friendship of borrowing.
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Driver catches the boy helping the borrowers and locks him in his room. No good.
  • The boy escapes from Mrs. Driver's clutches, grabs a pickax, and knocks a hole in the grate so the borrower family can breathe fresh air and not the toxic fumes of the rat-catcher.
  • Beep-Beep! Just after the boy's act of heroism, a taxi arrives to take him back to India and his family.