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Life on Mars?

Life on Mars?


by Davie Bowie

Movies & TV

A Reality Tour (2004)

This DVD from Bowie's latest tour—said to be one of his best—demonstrates Bowie's standout ability to perform, adding new life to songs dating back to 1970 and earlier.

Life On Mars: Series 1 (UK) (2009)

The British television series inspired by David Bowie's song. It blends science fiction and police drama as detective Sam Tyler wakes up after a car crash to find himself in 1973—the year when "Life On Mars?" was released as a single. The series is well known for its great early '70s soundtrack.

Best of Bowie (2002)

A survey of David Bowie's classics through promotional video material that's been released throughout the years. Beginning with performances on television programs and culminating with his more sophisticated music videos, this is a very comprehensive look at Bowie's sound and vision up through his 2000 release …hours.

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