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A Boy Named Sue

A Boy Named Sue


by Johnny Cash


The Official Johnny Cash Website

Everything you ever wanted to know about the man in black.

The Academy of Achievement - Johnny Cash

The website celebrating living legends featuring a profile, biography, and interview with Cash.

Shel Silverstein's Official Site

A list of his books, poems, songs, and cartoons.

Johnny Cash Bio on CMT.com

A great bio from the Country Music Television website.

Shel Silverstein Bio

Famous poets and poems.com provides a great summary of the poet's life.

Shel Silverstein: The Aardvark Interview

Notorious for rarely giving interviews, Silverstein opened up here for one of his most comprehensive and revealing discussions.

An Impolite Interview with Shel Silverstein @the realist

An indie magazine's little-known chat with the great artist.

Shel Silverstein on Fire Island

Playboy sent Silverstein to the infamous gay haven of New York to report on the alternative lifestyle that flourished there despite the stifling conservatism of the 1950s.

Johnny Cash on Bio.com

Another comprehensive biography. The man was actually born with the name J.R. Cash since neither of his parents could decide on a name, just initials. He chose the name Johnny later as a stage name when he signed with Sun.

Playboy's Silverstein Around the World

By Mitch Myers (Shel's nephew and biographer), Hugh Hefner, and Silverstein himself, the three men wax poetic on Shel's contributions to Playboy.

The Man in Blue: Johnny Cash

A look at Johnny Cash, the military man, by Major Van Harl USAF Ret., who remembers him not only for his incredibly songwriting and singing ability, but for his service to the United States Air Force and his country.

CNN: Johnny Cash on Larry King Live

Transcript of the television interview.

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