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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning Timeline and Summary

  • The Director gives a tour to a group of new students. He explains how to store embryos, make babies, and "bokanovskify."
  • He takes them to the Bottling Room, where we see the eggs get bottled and progress to the Social Predestination Room.
  • In the Embryo Room, the Director hands the lecture over to Henry Foster.
  • When Lenina comes into the picture, the Director declares her "charming" and gives her a few pats on the bottom.
  • At Foster's request, the Director goes with his students to the Decanting Room. Deciding he's had enough Foster for one day, he leaves the man behind and takes his group to the Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms, where everyone stands around and watches babies get electrocuted.
  • The Director explains to one curious student why they do this: they're conditioning the babies to hate the countryside (represented by flowers) but to consume transportation going to the countryside anyway. Oh, and they make them hate books because it's a solitary activity, which is bad.
  • The Director explains the advent of hypnopaedia with the story of Reuben Rabinovitch, who demonstrated that intellectual lessons can't be sleep-taught. Fortunately for conformist sheep everywhere, moral lessons can.
  • Next, the Director brings the students to a group of sleeping Beta children who are being conditioned to love their place in society.
  • The Director brings the eager young pupils outside, and they all sit around and watch the naked, frolicking children. When one little boy doesn't want to play, the Director sends the boy's friend (a girl) off to find someone else.
  • He then tells the grownup students about a time when little kids weren't allowed to play sex games. Not even teenagers.
  • When Mustapha Mond shows up, the Director is initially excited to be in his presence, but then he grows uncomfortable and confused by Mustapha's willingness to discuss the past.
  • The Director scolds Bernard for being an individual and an adult. He also carelessly reveals the story of leaving a woman behind at the Savage Reservation.
  • The Director shares with Henry Foster his belief that Bernard deserves to be exiled for not living up to his Alpha status.
  • When Bernard arrives back at work, the Director calls for the attention of all the workers within shouting distance so they can bear witness to Bernard's public humiliation.
  • When Bernard reveals John and Linda, the Director is horrified. He runs screaming from the room, not to be heard from again.