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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

Fanny Crowne Timeline and Summary

  • We meet Fanny in the dressing room with Lenina, where she acts like a generally vapid (lifeless) airhead, which is pretty much par for the course.
  • It seems Fanny hasn't been doing too well lately, and it's been suggested that she take a pregnancy substitute.
  • Fanny is shocked to hear that Lenina has been seeing one man for months, and she recommends a dose of promiscuity.
  • When she hears that the next man up on Lenina's roster is Bernard Marx, Fanny disapproves, mostly because he's short, and partly because he's solitary.
  • Fanny admires Lenina's Malthusian belt.
  • Fanny listens to Lenina talk about her first date with Bernard.
  • Once John has been around for a while, Fanny chats with Lenina (again in the locker room, which is basically ground zero for girl-talk) about her upcoming date with him.
  • Fanny reminds Lenina of how lucky she is, both because of the fame she has received for being part of the Savage fiasco and also because a lot of important people have been sleeping with her.
  • Later in the novel, Lenina tells Fanny about her sexual frustration with regards to John. Fanny suggests that Lenina just go over to his place and force him to have sex with her.