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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

Henry Foster Timeline and Summary

  • Foster takes over the new student lecture from the Director in the Embryo Room. Henry explains with awful precision the way eggs are fed, tested, and generally messed with throughout the course of development.
  • Henry also explains how caste divisions are set in place (alcohol poisoning and oxygen deprivation), as well as the finer points of Social Predestination.
  • Seeing Lenina Crowne, Foster gets all schoolboy-ish. It's clear they've been sleeping together.
  • He takes the group of students into the Decanting Room before they part ways.
  • At the end of the workday, Henry discusses the latest feely (the one with the bearskin rug) with the Assistant Predestinator.
  • He also discusses Lenina, who everyone agrees is "wonderfully pneumatic." He recommends her to the Assistant Predestinator.
  • When Bernard acts all grumpy in response to their callous treatment of Lenina, Foster offers him some soma, which he refuses.
  • Foster notes that Lenina is a few minutes late (he really likes numbers), and they head off in his helicopter to go play Obstacle Golf.
  • After Obstacle Golf, he and Lenina head back to his place. On the way, they pass the crematorium and Foster explains that the fumes rushing from the tower come from dead, burnt-up bodies.
  • He eats dinner with Lenina, consumes soma, takes her out dancing, and then goes back to his apartment for sex.
  • Later, he discusses Bernard Marx with Lenina while they lie in bed together. Henry declares that Bernard never took well to conditioning.
  • Foster discusses Bernard Marx with the Director. He puts in his two cents: Bernard is good at his job.
  • Foster bears witness to the whole Director-being-embarrassed scene.
  • Henry Foster asks Lenina out to a feely. When she says no, he wants to know whom she's sleeping with, if not him.
  • When she says that there isn't anyone, he suggests she get a V.P.S. ("Violent Passion Surrogate") treatment. She doesn't take this suggestion too well.
  • Foster brings Lenina to the final orgy scene in his helicopter. That's the last we see of him.