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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

Linda Timeline and Summary

  • Linda flips out when she meets Bernard and Lenina. Mostly, she's excited about Lenina's clothes.
  • She reveals a little bit of what she suffered in the last twenty years, much of it having to do with her promiscuity.
  • Linda makes her not-so-triumphant return to the World State by greeting the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning as a long-lost lover. Sadly, she disgusts everyone because she has aged and is overweight.
  • Because she's been so traumatized from living in the Savage Reservation, Linda wants nothing but soma once she's back in the World State. And they give it to her.
  • The Doctor declares that Linda will likely die in a month or two, and that really, he's OK with that.
  • Linda's soma use has become a threat to her life, and John rushes to her bedside. She hallucinates that her son is her lover Popé. Even when she realizes that, actually, it's John, she thinks she's off in paradise with her lover and that he's intruding.
  • Linda starts to insist that everyone belongs to everyone else, but she dies with the phrase still on her lips.