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Character Role Analysis


Discussing the protagonist in Brave New World is interesting, since Huxley pulls the old bait 'n' switch. The first time we read the novel, we're convinced that Bernard is going to be our hero. He shares our own sentiments of disgust with the new world, he's faced with adversity (getting a date with Lenina, being an individual), and he has his own sidekick (Helmholtz). But then, before you realize what's happened, Bernard has gone downhill faster than Tom Cruise's public image. All of a sudden our hero guy is a blackmailing socialite with no pride and even less honor.

Luckily for us, John steps in to fill the vacancy before we can post a "hero wanted" ad on Craigslist. He's principled, courageous, compassionate, and, most importantly, incredibly attractive. He's also naïve and subject to manipulation, so we're particularly concerned as we follow what's sure to be a conflict-riddled story.