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Break, Break, Break

Break, Break, Break


by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Break, Break, Break Resources


The Victorian Web

The Victorian Web has many useful links for students of Victorian literature and culture.  This is a link to the Victorian Web's Tennyson page.

The University of Rochester

The University of Rochester's library has a useful biography of Tennyson.


Two Readings

Compare two separate readings of the poem on this site. We think both are great, though quite different.  Which do you like better?


Alfred Lord Tennyson

Here's an image of Tennyson as an old man.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Here's an image of Tennyson as a young man.


An 1857 illustration of Tennyson's poem.

Tennyson's Manuscript

The British Library in London has an online exhibition with a page of Tennyson's manuscript of his long poem, Maud. We always think it's fun to check out a writer's handwriting.


"Rhythm in English Poetry"

This article is a good place to start for students interested in Tennyson's meter. (JSTOR login required. You may be able to access this through your school library.)

"The 'Puzzling Plainness' of 'Break, Break, Break': Its Deep and Surface Structure"

Here's an article by H. Sopher about the structure of "Break, Break, Break." (JSTOR login required.)

"Calculating Loss in Tennyson's In Memoriam"

Here's an article by Irene Hsiao on grief and loss in Tennyson. (MUSE login required.)

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