Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany's
by Truman Capote
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Breakfast at Tiffany's Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"She had something working for her, she had them interested, she could've really rolled. But when you walk out on a thing like that, you don't walk back" (4.18).

O.J. Berman can't understand how Holly could simply walk away from the chance to make it in Hollywood. For him, this signifies her inability to plan or her lack of thoughts about her future.

Quote #2

"If I do feel guilty, I guess it's because I let him go on dreaming when I wasn't dreaming a bit" (4.51).

This is Holly's take on why she didn't pursue her Hollywood career. It's not that she wasn't thinking about her future; she just knew that being in Hollywood wasn't her dream – it was O.J.'s dream for her.

Quote #3

"Every day she'd walk a little further: a mile, come home. Two miles, and come home. One day she just kept on" (9.18).

When Holly leaves Tulip, Texas, it's a decision she makes without much planning. She knows there is something more for her out in the world. So, although she's not sure what her plans are once she leaves Doc, she hopes she'll find a different life.

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