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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn


by Stephenie Meyer

Language and Communication Quotes in Breaking Dawn

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

[Jacob:] It was really too bad he couldn't hear Bella's thoughts. Then he'd annoy the crap out of her, too, and she'd get tired of him. (13.83)

Jacob believes that a large part of Bella's attraction to Edward lies in the fact that he can't read her thoughts. Does he have a point, and how might their relationship change if he could?

Quote #2

[Edward to Jacob:] "I'm hearing you more clearly – it's a matter of familiarity and concentration… [Jacob:] It bugged me a little, but for no good reason, so I shrugged it off. (14.18)

Now that Jacob has clearly taken sides with the Cullens in heart and in mind, Edward can hear his thoughts more clearly. The intimate mental connection with Edward makes Jacob uncomfortable, but "for no good reason." What might be a good reason, then?

Quote #3

[Carlisle to Jacob:] "If you were in our shoes, how would you proceed?" (14.153)

By asking Jacob for his opinion on hunting, Carlisle shows his respect for Jacob, and also intends to make him feel like part of the family.

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