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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn


by Stephenie Meyer

Love Quotes in Breaking Dawn

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

[Jacob:] …there was no question [Bella] was in love with her vampire past the boundaries of sanity. (14.11)

Although Jacob admits that Bella really loves Edward, he maintains that her love for him is unhealthy, or insane, because it's unnatural for a human to be with a vampire.

Quote #5

[Jacob:] This was the problem with hanging out with vampires – you got used to them. They started messing up the way saw the world. They started feeling like friends. (14.185)

Jacob acknowledges that he's warming up to the Cullens – against his will. Being friends with vampires deeply conflicts with his world view up until that point.

Quote #6

[Bella to Jacob:] "If feels… complete when you're here, Jacob. Like all my family is together." (15.144)

From the beginning of their relationship, Bella always wished Jacob could be her younger brother, because he feels like family to her. Although she admits in New Moon that she's fallen in love with him, it's a different love that she can't quite explain. Maybe her heart knew that they'd be connected through Renesmee?

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