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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

by Stephenie Meyer

Love Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

[Leah to Jacob:] "Even though I don't think too much of her, I'd probably do the same as the bloodsucker." (16.140)

Leah identifies with Rosalie's need to have children. Apparently being a real woman and not "a genetic dead-end" means being able to bear children and experience motherhood.

Quote #8

[Bella:] So Renesmee was untouchable because of the way Jacob felt about her. I tried to concentrate on the relief of this fact rather than the chagrin, but it wasn't easy. (23.33)

Even though Bella is grateful that the werewolves now protect Renesmee because Jacob has imprinted on her, she feels a bit jealous of Jacob's claim on her daughter.

Quote #9

[Edward to Jacob:] "Goodbye Jacob, my brother… my son." (37.224)

Edward has completely accepted Renesmee's future and the fact that Jake is going to be his son as well as his equal.