Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer

The Supernatural Quotes in Breaking Dawn Page 2

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Quote #4

[Bella to Jacob:] "You're supposed to be part of my life – I can feel that, and so can you." (15.154)

Bella is convinced that Jacob and her are meant to be in each other's lives, even if it causes them pain right now.

Quote #5

[Edward to Jacob:] "The myths could be easily the products of fear and imagination." (15.201)

Edward thinks that much of what humans believe to be supernatural is just rooted in fear and superstition, so it's hard to distinguish the "real" myths from "human-made" ones.

Quote #6

[Edward to Bella:] "Bella, you're behaving like you're decades rather than days old." (21.122)

Bella's self-control seems supernatural even for the supernatural world. But how much of her self-control has to do with the fact that she made the choice to be a vampire, rather than was forced into it?

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