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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn


by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn Theme of Transformation

Breaking Dawn explores the positive and negative consequences of the characters' transformations from human life to supernatural life. While Leah is strong and her speed is unmatched as a werewolf, she can't bear children. Bella, on the other hand, quickly overcomes the negative consequences of being a newborn vampire because she chose her transformation and had thought about it for a long time. Yet, she struggles with the fact that she poses a danger to her daughter, her human father, and humankind.

Questions About Transformation

  1. Stephenie Meyer thinks that after Bella transforms into a vampire, she loses her relatability for readers. Do you think she's right?
  2. What does Bella gain and what does she lose through her transformation?
  3. How did you envision Bella's transformation before reading about it?
  4. Before reading Breaking Dawn, what did you think Bella's vampire superpower would be? Why? Were you surprised by her strength, grace, self-control, and human-shield abilities? Why or why not?

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