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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn


by Stephenie Meyer

Warfare Quotes in Breaking Dawn

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

[Leah to Jacob:] "But he's your best friend, Jake. He and Quil would rather stand behind you than face you in a fight." (13.285)

Leah believes that Embry and Quil's friendship with Jacob is stronger than their loyalty to the pack and that they would even protect their enemies, the Cullens, just to be on Jacob's side.

Quote #5

[Carlisle to Jacob:] "Jacob, you can't fight against your brothers… I didn't mean that you would be… incapable. But that it would be very wrong. I can't have that on my conscience." (14.110)

Carlisle believes that it's wrong for Jacob to fight against his own kind. But he seems to be more concerned about his own conscience than Jacob's.

Quote #6

[Bella:] The main thing was the end of the feud with Sam's pack… because the most absolute of the pack laws was that no wolf ever kill the object of another wolf's imprinting…The pain of such a thing would be intolerable. (23.32)

Bella suggests that the pack has ended their feud and won't harm Renesmee because if they did, Jacob's pain would affect them all.

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