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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

by Stephenie Meyer

Warfare Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

[Jacob:] My knees trembled; I struggled to hold myself upright while the voice of the Alpha lashed at my will. (10.252)

Jacob struggles with what he should obey, his werewolf instincts or his human instincts. So is loyalty to a leader important in war?

Quote #2

[Jacob:] That's why we would be able to kill him because he wouldn't want us, his enemies, to die. (10.263)

Jacob believes that although Sam has decided to fight them, he'd rather die himself than kill his own brothers.

Quote #3

[Edward to Jacob:] "I think of you as a… a brother in many ways. A comrade in arms, at the very least." (17.123)

Edward means to say that, despite their differences, they've always fought on the same side together. They've always done their best to make Bella happy, and now they're both fighting for her to survive.

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