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Breaking Stalin's Nose

Breaking Stalin's Nose


by Eugene Yelchin

Breaking Stalin's Nose Admiration Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph), (Chapter.Figure)

Quote #1

My Dad is a hero and a Communist and, more than anything, I want to be like him. I can never be like Comrade Stalin, of course. He's our great Leader and Teacher. (1.1)

Right from the get-go, we find out who Sasha looks up to the most. His dad. Plus, we get a two-fer: Sasha also seriously worships Joseph Stalin. You can tell by the Attention-Getting Capital Letters (so you know it must be important). Poor Dad—he is great, but not quite as heroic as Stalin in Sasha's view.

Quote #2

My greatest dream has always been to join the Young Soviet Pioneers—the most important step in becoming a real Communist like my dad. (1.4)

Since this is one of the first things we discover about Sasha, we know it's super important to him. He worships his dad, and wants to follow in his footsteps. He also links the Young Soviet Pioneers with his dad, which makes the red scarf a symbol for both.

Quote #3

When I imagine Comrade Stalin reading my letter, I get so excited that I can't sit still. I rise up and march like a Pioneer around the room. (1.6)

This is a creepy image that gives us a sense of the level of control Joseph Stalin had over his citizens. Here, he seems like the ultimate puppet master: Sasha is such a brainwashed fanboy that he can't help but mechanically march around when he even so much as thinks of the guy.

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