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Breaking Stalin's Nose

Breaking Stalin's Nose


by Eugene Yelchin

Breaking Stalin's Nose Power Quotes

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Quote #1

The voice on the radio says, "Soviet people, follow our great Leader and Teacher--the beloved Stalin--forward and ever forward to Communism! Stalin is our banner! Stalin is our future! Stalin is our happiness!" (1.2)

Can you say, propaganda? We knew you could! Check out how Sasha is constantly bombarded with messages that paint the Soviet system as the perfect political system ever. How could he possibly manage to feel anything different?

Quote #2

I am fortunate to live in the Soviet Union, the most democratic and progressive country in the world. I have read how hard the lives of children are in the capitalist countries and I feel pity for all those who do not live in the USSR. They will never see their dreams come true. (1.4)

In his letter to Joseph Stalin, Sasha totally buys into the Soviet media's portrayal of communism as the greatest thing ever for humanity. He also buys into the idea that the citizens of capitalist countries live under truly wretched conditions. Keep in mind: Sasha later wonders whether children in capitalist countries have even tasted a carrot before. He's totally internalized these messages, which makes it hard for this little guy to think for himself.

Quote #3

It's not possible to be a true Pioneer without training one's character in the Stalinist spirit. I solemnly promise to make myself strong from physical exercise, to forge my Communist character, and always to be vigilant, because our capitalistic enemies are never asleep. (1.6)

The Young Soviet Pioneers was a youth organization that indoctrinated children from a young age in proper Communist values. Kind of like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, but, you know, communist. If you imagine such an organization having badges for "war preparedness," "Stalinist spirit" and "turning in your best friend for honor and profit," you wouldn't be too far off.

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