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Breaking Stalin's Nose

Breaking Stalin's Nose


by Eugene Yelchin

Breaking Stalin's Nose Resources


Breaking Stalin's Homepage

Check out the official website for the novel. It includes some really cool scoop on the Young Soviet Pioneers, the May Day parade, and Sasha's Moscow. As an added bonus, you also get some more information here about Sasha and other characters (things that did not make it into the book).

How Communism Works

Check out this user-friendly guide to the basics of communism.

Soviet Union Timeline

From the always on the mark folks at the BBC, here's a timeline of major events affecting the USSR.

Shmoop's Got the Shivers

We've shmooped the Cold War, FYI, FYE.

The Cold War

The BBC's (British Broadcasting Corporation) website detailing the history behind the Cold War, which is part of the larger setting of this novel.

The Cold War Museum's Cold War Timeline

This timeline of major events that went down during the Cold War should help you put Sasha's life in historical context.

The Artistic Stylings of Eugene Yelchin

He's not only an author, but also an artist.

Articles and Interviews

Nose, Reviewed

Check out this detailed review from The Wall Street Journal. Yep, capitalism's favorite newspaper has taken on a book about communism.

Interview with Eugene Yelchin

This interview with Eugene Yelchin from American Jewish University pre-dates Breaking Stalin's Nose, but he gives us a teaser at the end.

Interview 2.0

This one's courtesy of California Readers. Yelchin discusses his writing process, where he got his idea for the novel, and what inspires him.


A Breaking Stalin's Nose Book Trailer…

… complete with a uniformed Young Soviet Pioneer.

The Scoop on Eugene

This brief clip with Yelchin gives us some background on his Newbery-winning novel. And he just so happens to be wearing a red scarf.

Five Questions with Eugene Yelchin

Live and in person and grinning like crazy.

Soviet May Day Parade (1974)

While this one was filmed in 1974, it will still give you a good idea of the type of pageantry that guided the May Day parades of Sasha's time.


The Skinny

Eugene Yelchin provides some background information on his book, and reads Chapter 2. Bonus!

Pronunciation Guide

The author tells us how to pronounce his name, and provides background on its Russian origin.


Breaking Stalin's Nose Book Cover

Check out the cover for the American edition of Yelchin's book. Poor kid must be freezing.

The Young Soviet Pioneers: Kind of Like the Boy Scouts, but Not Really

Red scarves, short shorts, and knee socks. Now that's a uniform.

Lean Mean Gene

Here's the author, in the flesh.

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