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Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain


by Annie Proulx

Ennis Del Mar Timeline and Summary

  • Ennis gets a job herding sheep at Brokeback Mountain with Jack Twist.
  • He and Jack start up a torrid affair on the mountain, which they keep up all summer.
  • But when the summer's over, he and Jack go their separate ways. Ennis is more than a little torn up about it, but he keeps it to himself.
  • He marries his sweetheart Alma and they have two girls. He holds a series of low-paying jobs, which doesn't make Alma happy.
  • Jack Twist comes to see him four years after their tryst on Brokeback and the affair kicks up again.
  • With their romance rekindled, the two of them spend many years meeting every once in a while for a romantic rendezvous.
  • Eventually, Alma figures it all out and divorces Ennis, who still sees Jack every now and again.
  • Twenty years after Brokeback, Jack and Ennis go camping again. They fight over where their lives have gone and why they can't be together.
  • A few months later, Ennis sends a postcard to Jack and gets a "Deceased" notice.
  • He calls Jack's wife Lureen, who tells him he died when a tire he was changing blew up on it. Ennis suspects it was something more violent.
  • He goes to visit Jack's parents, in hopes that they will let him have their half of his ashes so that Ennis can scatter them at Brokeback.
  • Jack's Dad won't give him the ashes, but Ennis gains a couple of Jack's bloody shirts in the bargain.
  • Ennis hangs the shirts up in his trailer, along with a postcard of Brokeback. He dreams about Jack at night: sometimes happy, sometimes grief.