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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?


by Bing Crosby


Bing Crosby Official Site

Bing's descendants maintain a nice Bing Crosby website full of the sound of his smooth baritone: "the place for all things Bing." Enjoy.

Best History Sites: Great Depression History

This is a great collection of sites about the Great Depression with sources ranging from documentary videos to first-hand accounts to articles and analysis. A great place to start for Depression-related resources; it even includes many PBS teacher's guides and curricula.

Heath Lowrance: "How the Great Depression Gave America the Blues." History Magazine, September, 2008.

This is an interesting discussion of the development of the blues as it related to the miserable economic times in the 1930s. It will be interesting to look back at musical trends of the late 2000s and try to figure out if the recession had any noticeable effects.

PBS "Breadline" Series

Watch a series of episodes about Great Depression history and access a collection of personal stories about living through the Great Depression.

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