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The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov


by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Brothers Karamazov Book 10, Chapter 5 Summary

At Ilyusha's Bedside

  • Ilyusha's room is crowded with kids, along with the rest of his family. Captain Snegiryov has accepted Katerina's charity, and she has even paid for a famous doctor to come in to diagnose Ilyusha that day. Alyosha is also present.
  • When Kolya comes in, Ilyusha is thrilled. He's petting a mastiff puppy that his father brought him, but he's still in mourning over Zhuchka. Kolya tells Ilyusha that he's brought him an even better dog.
  • But when the dog, Perezvon, finally enters, Ilyusha instantly recognizes it as the ever-suffering Zhuchka.
  • It seems that over the past several weeks, Kolya has found Zhuchka and trained it all kinds of tricks.
  • Thrilled by Ilyusha's reaction, Kolya brings out his toy cannon again but hands it over to Ilyusha's mother to play with at Ilyusha's request.
  • Kolya entertains Ilyusha with the story of his recent brush with the law. Walking through the square, he had tricked a peasant into rolling over a goose with a cart. He was taken to court but got off with just a stern lecture.
  • Another child, Kartashov, tries to show up Kolya on his knowledge of history – specifically the founders of Troy – but Kolya is able to silence the child with a few clever questions.
  • The antics are drawn to a close, however, when the famous doctor makes his appearance in the room. Everybody else clears out.

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