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The Brothers Karamazov Book 8, Chapter 6 Summary Page 1

Here I Come!

  • Dmitri hightails it off to Mokroye. He's eager to meet up with Grushenka, but at the same time he's seriously considering suicide. It doesn't help that the coachman seems to want to have a philosophical chat with him. With the loaded pistol in his pocket, Dmitri appears to plan on suicide at dawn.
  • When he arrives at Mokroye, the innkeeper Trifon Borisich is pleased to see him, particularly as Dmitri spent so much money last time he was in town.
  • Trifon leads Dmitri to the room where Grushenka, her officer, her officer's friend, and a couple of locals (Kalganov and Maximov) are sitting. Grushenka shrieks in surprise when she sees Dmitri.
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