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Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl


by Van Morrison


Influences on Van Morrison

Van Morrison's father, George Morrison, had a huge record recollection. Van's musical education, therefore, was rich and diverse. The blues, R&B, and soul were powerful parts of the household playlist, so Morrison grew up on Ray Charles, Jelly Roll Morton, Muddy Waters, and Lead Belly. But folk and country music were also represented, so Morrison listened to Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, and Jimmie Rodgers. Morrison even learned to play the guitar with a Carter Family songbook.

Influenced by Van Morrison

Morrison's influence on other artists is equally diverse and extensive. Rolling Stone's Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll says that only Bob Dylan can match Morrison's influence on rock singers and songwriters. Elvis Costello, Bob Segar, Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Lamontagne, Counting Crows, John Mellencamp, U-2, Rod Stewart, and Tom Petty are a just few of the artists who cite Morrison as a shaping influence.

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